NBA 2k21: Tips and advices for MyCareer Part 1

NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode came with new features and content that aimed at making it more appealing to newcomers and veterans alike. However, it can be difficult for new players to grasp these changes and as a result the game seems harder than it should be in reality. The first element you must take into account when starting MyCareer mode is that your MyPlayer build has a significant influence on the gameplay.

Depending on your favorite game style some builds will be more interesting than others. Make sure to adapt your build to your style because one of the consequences of having the wrong build is that you will have a harder time making your stats go up in addition to making the game harder.

The next thing you need to know is that your performance during the Introduction/Pre-Draft phase of the game will have a long lasting effect on the rest of your career. During that part of the game you will have to face various challenges and win some games as you go through the introduction. Your results will determine your salary when you will reach the rookie season. Your goal will be to be selected at least as the second overall pick.

You will also be offered the option to choose your agent between Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell. This choice is not cosmetic as it will affect the way your career unfolds later. Dell is the ideal choice for players who are looking for a quick start as he will allow you to get important sponsorships quicker than his counterpart. Meanwhile, Baldwin is the right choice for player who are looking for a long term rewards.

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