Nguyen Van Duong: The Second Mastermind in the Billion-Dollar Gambling Ring with Connections to C50 Leaders – Ministry of Public Security

Nguyen Van Duong is revealed as the second mastermind behind the billion-dollar gambling network linked to the leaders of the C50 division within the Ministry of Public Security. Duong plays a crucial role in the case, acting as the connection between General Hai and Phan Sao Nam, overseeing the operations of two gambling platforms in Vietnam.

According to the indictment and the verdict from the appellate court, Nguyen Van Duong has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for organizing and managing online gambling activities. Duong is also required to repay nearly 1700 billion VND, but so far, he has only managed to recover 315 billion VND, whereas Phan Sao Nam has almost fulfilled his restitution obligations.

Currently, Nguyen Van Duong has yet to fulfill his sentence, with an outstanding restitution amount of 1300 billion VND. As of now, Duong has served six years of his sentence and still has three more years to serve before being released, as he has not fully met his restitution requirements.

At the time of his arrest in 2018, Nguyen Van Duong was 43 years old, and currently, he is 48 years old. During the execution of his sentence, Duong seems to have endured significant hardships, which have visibly aged him beyond his chronological age of 48.

After his arrest and investigation, the prosecuting agency revealed that Nguyen Van Duong was ordered to repay a sum of 1,655 billion VND as part of his sentence. However, as of now, Duong has only recovered 315 billion VND and has shown no signs of asset dissipation.

According to the legal proceedings, once Duong completes his 10-year sentence from the appellate court, he will still need to pay the remaining restitution amount. After recovering nearly 400 billion VND, Duong will have to pay an additional 1,200 billion VND to the authorities.

As mentioned earlier, Duong is the second son-in-law of former Hanoi Party Secretary Pham Quang Nghi. However, there is limited information available online about the family circumstances and other members of Mr. Nghi’s family, making it impossible to find any information about Nguyen Van Duong’s wife on social media.

Nguyen Van Duong is a businessperson, and his family background does not appear remarkable. Duong’s parents are not involved in politics but rather run small businesses, and there is limited information available about Nguyen Van Duong’s family on social media.

As the second mastermind of Rikvip, Nguyen Van Duong receives 40% of the total daily profits from the two gambling platforms. The funds received by the defendant were used to operate the CNC company and engage in real estate transactions. However, following his arrest, Duong’s wife sold all assets to address the consequences of the case.

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